The ChooseEV Digital Toolkit makes it easy for your utility to be an expert electric vehicle information resource.


  • EV Benefits Landing Page
  • EV Frequently Asked Questions
  • EV Promotions and Events Directory
  • Public Charger Finder (DOE version)
  • Gasoline/Electric Savings Calculator
  • EV Model Comparison Tool
  • EV Carbon Reduction Calculator
  • Incentive Stacker Communication Tool
  • Customer EV Survey
  • Directory of local EV charger installers
  • EV Dealer Locator
  • Level 2 EV charger retailer finder

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ChooseEV represents over 500 utilities in 36 states.

Every utility in the United States has its own unique energy rate structure (price per kWh of electricity). The price of your electricity determines how much it will cost you to drive an electric vehicle. This makes it critical for utilities to be involved in their customers’ decision to purchase an electric vehicle. ChooseEV makes it easy for utilities to communicate how their unique rates impact their customers’ cost to operate an EV.


Some current ChooseEV clients:

EV Savings Calculator

Provide customers with the Gasoline/Electricity Comparison Tool and empower them to calculate the savings they may realize by switching from fossil fuels to EV – by the gallon and in 1 and 5 year increments. The calculator is pre-populated with your average residential kWh rate and the average local gasoline price (editable). The calculation methodology is similar to the widely utilized DOE methodology, but we believe our outputs are easier to understand than the DOE eGallon model.

Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV staff can update local gasoline price as needed and will update the calculator if/when utility’s residential kWh rate is adjusted.

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Commute Savings Calculator

The ChooseEV Commute Savings Calculator makes it easy for consumers to understand the fuel cost savings they might realize when they switch from fossil fuel to EV. The calculator is pre-populated with your average residential kWh rate and the average local gasoline price (editable).

Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV staff can update local gasoline price as needed and will update the calculator if/when utility’s residential kWh rate is adjusted.

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EV Carbon Reduction Calculator

Provide your customers with a simple EV Carbon Reduction Calculator that demonstrates the tremendous reduction in carbon emissions EV represents. The calculator is designed to be customized based on your utility’s fuel mix (MT CO2 per MWh).

Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV staff can update your carbon number as frequently as needed.

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EV Model Review Tool

The EV Review Tool includes a list of EVs that can be sorted and filtered by users seeking general performance information about EV. The review tool is powered by EV model information acquired through the US Department of Energy.

Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV staff maintains a current database of available EVs (updated monthly).

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EV Incentive Calculator

Provide your customers with simple tool that helps them determine the estimated cost of a new EV with incentives stacked in one convenient location. Incentives from the Federal government, the the state and other entities will be stacked to help utility customers determine final cost.

Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV program staff can regularly update the incentive calculator to reflect existing incentives and program initiatives. Multiple incentive calciulators can be developed to promote various initiatives, such as bulk buy programs and unique dealer/manufacturer promotions.

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EV Facts

The EV Facts section is designed to provide customers with rich information about all key issues and components associated with EV ownership. All text is editable and may include additional diagrams and imagery. Inform customers about the key aspects of EV technology and ownership:

• EV car types (BEV/PBEV/HEV etc.)
• General EV range information
• Emissions Information
• Operation cost information
• Battery information
• Charging options and information

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Promotions and Recomendations

The EV Promotions and Incentives Directory allows you to create and manage custom EV offers and promotions through an easy-to-use administrative interface. All promotions are automatically converted into printable one-pager descriptions on custom utility letterhead. This reduces ongoing design costs and shortens time-to-market significantly.

• Manage Ride-and-Drive Events in Real-time
• Manage Rebate/Incentive Offers in Real-time
• Manage Information about Federal and Local Tax Credits and offers

Optional Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV staff can dedicate an agreed upon allocation of hours per month to event and offer management. Task may include: Event information input, marketing copy development, image acquisition, general editing.

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Charger Finder (DOE version)

Help your customers understand where they can find EV charging stations with a simple charging station locator tool that utilizes regularly refreshed data from the DOE. This tool is owned and operated by the US Department of Energy and is managed by NREL and the Alternative Fuels Data Center. We provide this tool free-of-charge.

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Charger Installer Directory

Help your customers find a qualified level 2 240V EV charger installer. Directory can be populated with your approved installers. Installers can be activated and deactivated with a single click through an easy-to-use administrative interface (no code required) by utility or our implementation team.

Administrative Implementation Services Available

• Define installer inclusion criteria
• Select installers to include
• Configure installer information through administrative interface
• Revise as often as needed using the administrative tools


EV Survey Tool

Our survey system is a powerful customer outreach tool that allows you to build a strong database of customer interests and home/work building attributes, including important indicators such as off-street parking availability and resident commute distances. The survey experience is elegant, fun-to-use and links information directly to your service locations – verified by address and primary phone number or account number.

Administrative Implementation
ChooseEV program staff will work to ensure the survey secures the most pertinent customer data relative to electric vehicle ownership. Our team will also summarize and report survey data trends and analysis on a quarterly basis.

With our community’s recent adoption of an aggressive Climate and Energy Action Plan, we wanted to quickly get current and accessible EV information available. ChooseEV was the perfect way to get that accomplished.
Adam Hanks, City of Ashland
The ChooseEV platform made it really easy and cost effective for Inland Power to expand our EV outreach efforts.
John Francisco, Inland Power & Light
The ChooseEV team made it easy to integrate great EV information into our new website. With their help and expertise, it is a win-win for us and our members. All this and more at a great price.
Dave Davanzo, Lane Electric

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We have nearly every US utility integrated into the ChooseEV system, so it is quick and easy to get setup with the ChooseEV Toolkit. Send us an email and we’ll schedule a demo and get you a customized password-protected demo to review.
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