Find information about electric vehicles from your utility.

ChooseEV works with hundreds of electric utilities across North America to bring accurate information to electric vehicle (EV) purchasers and owners. Our goal is to help everyone understand the opportunities and general differences between today’s EV and yesterday’s fossil fuel vehicles. Find your state to see a list of participating utilities to learn more about EV in your area.

 Find your local ChooseEV website and find your way to the information that is relevant to you.


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ChooseEV represents over 400 utilities in 30 states.

Every utility in the United States has its own unique energy rate structure (price per kWh of electricity). The price of your electricity determines how much it will cost you to drive an electric vehicle. This makes it critical for utilities to be involved in their customers’ decision to purchase an electric vehicle. ChooseEV makes it easy for utilities to communicate how their unique rates impact their customers’ cost to operate an EV.


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We have nearly every US utility integrated into the ChooseEV system, so it is quick and easy to get setup with the ChooseEV Toolkit. Send us an email and we’ll schedule a demo and get you a customized password-protected demo to review.
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