Electric vehicles (EV) have become a smart transportation choice.

Choose EV Oklahoma was formed to help develop the electric vehicle (EV) market in Oklahoma. Electric vehicles represent big opportunity for our state to save money, drive cleaner and utilize available energy resources. EV is not right for everyone yet but represents a great opportunity for households with multiple vehicles or those with long, expensive commutes. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from today’s EV:

  • Electric vehicles (EV) cost less to operate.
  • Never go to the gas station again.
  • Charge your EV at home.
  • EVs are more environmentally friendly.
  • EV range-per-charge is sufficient for most commutes.
  • Most auto manufacturers offer EV models.
  • Use electricity generated from local resources.
  • EV have performance benefits, like smooth acceleration.

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How much can you save?

We’re helping Oklahoma utilities provide information about electric vehicles to their customers and members. Visit our Savings Calculator page and find your utility to estimate your potential savings.

Savings vary from utility to utility based on utility kWh (kilowatt hour) rates. Savings will vary based on vehicle,  driving habits and weather conditions.

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Are you an electric vehicle industry stakeholder, such as an electric utility, municipality, or automotive industry participant?

Join Choose EV OK and help shape the electric vehicle marketplace in Oklahoma. Connect with supply chain participants and participate in special events and promotions.
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